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Writing Guidelines

Directions for uploading a file:

(1) Go to the page to which you want to upload a file using the page navigation at the left or by clicking on one of the hyperlinks above
(2) Click "Edit" in the upper right corner of the page
(3) Along the top toolbar, click "File"
(4) Within the "File" menu, click on "+Upload Files" to upload the document from your server
(5) Select the file in your computer menu and click "OK"
(6) Click once more on the name of the file to create a link to the webpage

Community Standards

- Respectful Interaction
- Inclusion of Diverse Perspectives
- Active Participation
- Allow time for reflection
- Distinguish facts from opinions in discussion
- Use moderation judiciously to balance between free-flowing conversation and domination
- Come to class prepared
- Be respectful